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Cancer Survivorship Sourcebook, 3rd Ed.

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Cancer is not a single disease. It is the name given to a group of related diseases that all share a common characteristic: Some of the body’s cells do not die when they should. Instead they continue to grow and divide. Through this process, cancer cells damage various tissues and organs, causing a broad array of symptoms and even death. The cancer death rate in the United States has reduced since the early 1990s. SEER Cancer Statistics Review conducted between 1991 to 2015 indicates that the overall cancer death rate has gone down by 26%. Decrease in the death rate means increase in the number of survivors. However, cancer survivorship presents multiple challenges. Cancer survivors often lack the information they need to make treatment choices, maintain optimal physical and mental health during and after treatment, prevent disability and late effects associated with cancer, and handle economic issues related to cancer care.

Cancer Survivorship Sourcebook, Third Edition provides information for cancer patients and their family members, friends, and caregivers. It includes facts about cancer care, treatment advances, and clinical trials, and offers suggestions for coping with the side effects and complications of cancer treatments. Facts about emotional, cognitive, and mental health issues in cancer care are included, and also focuses on the challenges of maintaining wellness during and after cancer treatment. A glossary of cancer care terms is also provided, along with a directory of resources for cancer patients and information about financial assistance for cancer care.

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