• Government Support Index Handbook 2021

      A comprehensive program guide to all federal domestic assistance programs. Encyclopedic entries include Program Title, Number, Description, Purpose, Eligibility/Beneficiary Rules, Award Size, and Funding Agency Contact Details.

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      • Publication Date: Nov 2020
      • ISBN: 978-0-7808-1836-1
      • List Price: $275.00
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    • Government Support Index Online

      A comprehensive database covering all federal domestic programs offering financial and non-financial assistance, with searchable categories of need and application deadlines by each overseeing agency with locations and contacts. Program details include award type, purpose and objectives, applicant and beneficiary eligibility rules, award range, funding levels, and more.

      • Publication Date: Annual Subscription
      • ISBN: 978-07808-1759-3
      • List Price: $275.00
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